Top 10 Free Kindle Classics

   There are so many ways to get free reading material on your Kindle or Nook. One of my favorite things to read on my portable reader are classics. Here is why: you can keep you place bookmarked so you don't have to re-read much material when you only have a few minutes of time, you can look up words in the dictionary on the spot, you can type in notes to refer back to later, and best of all, you can  take "clippings" of your favorite passages. I have a designated Book Quotes book which I write all the quotes from books I read. I love to go back and see what seemed important to me to remember at the time. My favorite book for this is the Moleskine Ruled Notebook. I love the elastic band that keeps everything in one place. Sometimes, if I am going to be writing a lot of notes on a book I will just type them out from my Kindle "clippings" and print and past them in. I like it how it breaks of the visuals in my quotes book to have some handwritten and some typewritten text.
So here are the 10 best Kindle finds, all of which I have downloaded and read!
(click on photo to be taken to the free book)

1. The Importance of Being Earnest

2. Wuthering Heights


4.Pride and Prejudice

5.Little Women

6.The Secret Garden

7. Anna Karenina

8.The Swiss Family Robinson

9.The Wind in the Willows

10.North and South

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