Summer Pool Time

 Summer for our family means water. Lagoon. Beach. Pool. Pretty much if it is contained and we can swim in it, we are there. This past winter and spring Rumer and Beatrix took swimming lessons from an amazing teacher. As a result, they are like little mermaids now and can stay happy in the water for hours.

Now, let me be honest. There was a time when I hated the pool, the lagoon, and even the beach. For a while I couldn't figure out what it was I disliked so much. I am such a outdoors person, you see.

Then one day, we left home for an afternoon at the beach and I brought along what I thought was a stocked beach back. Well, lets just say it wasn't stocked so much a stuffed with junk and unnecessary items.

I vowed that day that I would make a list for our water days and STICK to it. And I have. You almost never catch me without a well stocked pool or beach bag.

Here is my list, for you to print, use, share, to your hearts content! There is also a link to the PDF in the sidebar.


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