Art Time

Art is a pretty big deal in our house. We have always used the best art supplies we could afford at the time and we try to take good care of them. Rumer and Beatrix have a designated "Art Area" where everything stays organized and there is always fresh paper. 

Sometimes I struggle with the abundance of creativity in our home. You see, three creative souls living every day together can really breed some mess.

And I mean MESS.

I have by no means arrived, but I have come up with a few rules and routines to make the mess a little more bearable. Or at least be restored to some semblance of order when all are through.

First of all, I never make the girls clean up their art projects until I am sure they are done with them. I mean, how annoying would that be if I was in the middle of a sewing project and My-Better-Half said, "Ok Honey, that's enough, lets get this wrapped up." Um, yeah. It wouldn't be pretty. Just saying.

Second, I always make sure the table is free of art projects. Otherwise I would be forced to shut down shop early on the girls. Besides, they have many places to do their creative projects. The kitchen table is home to so many other things. Mixing them just isn't fun.

Third, if it isn't in your "treasure box" it isn't safe from the garbage can. Within reason of course. I'm not going to throw away something they have obviously been working for days on. But those random pictures that were scribbled in three minutes? If they are laying around and haven't been claimed, I assume they aren't important. (More on the treasure boxes later....)

What does Art Time look like in your home?

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