More Great Thrifting Tips

1. Keep your thrifting cash in its own envelope. This is something I recently implemented and I can't tell you how much it has cut down on impulse buying and buyers regret. I have a set amount to spend. If I see a big ticket item that i have been looking for, I call  Eric and discuss it first. Then, if we agree to buy it, I use the debit or paypal card. I have found some awesome handmade cash envelopes over on Etsy (KrinkleKutCashEnvelopes , and daisylanedesign have some nice ones)!

Typography Art Print by Ashley G - I'd Rather Be Thrifting LARGE   Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to thrift shop. Its the thrill of seeing a treasure in a pile of otherwise mundane junk I think. I thrift for necessities. I thrift for treasures. I thrift for my Etsy shop. If I can squeeze a trip in here and there, I am happy.

   My last post on tips for successful thrift shopping was super fun to write, so here I am offering you some more tips and tools. Enjoy!

2. Bring an (empty) stroller or wheeled cart. You never know how much you are going to find. Instead of relying on the randomly available carts in thrift shops, instead dedicate a nice compact one to your shopping and just keep it in the back of your car.

3. Keep track of sales! Most thrift stores will have half-or more-off sales at least once a month. Try to hit the store at these times. Preferable in the morning when the sale starts.

4. Do a once over before you hit the checkout line. Go over everything in your cart or stroller. Check again for snags, rips, stains and decide if it is worth its price.

5. Have a system for hunting and stick to it. For example, I also look at the clothing first and the kitchen goods (i.e. breakables) last that way I can nestle glass things into the fabric and keep them from breaking. Actually, I have a pretty detailed system of what I look at when. It keeps my mine organized and I like the rhythm of it. Unless these categories are on completely opposite ends of the store I generally go from clothing to books to toys and games to household to kitchen stuff. Lastly I do holiday stuff.

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