How To Organize A Second Fridge

   So, how do you keep a second fridge from becoming the "I'll take care of it later" spot? Its so easy to just stash things there and forget about them since you aren't routinely opening the fridge for a glass of milk or the butter.

   If you are like me, you make almost all your food. I quickly learned that I could save time, money, and utilities by making double and triple batches of things and then freezing them or refrigerating them. We also have chickens which means that the eggs need to be stored in a cool area.

1. Before you put ANYTHING in it, sketch out a plan of what you want where in the fridge. Remember, the top is warmer then the bottom of the fridge so plan with that in mind. 

2. Try to keep vegetables and fruits on seperate shelves from dairy and meat. 
For example, have your stash of cheeses and bulk goat milk on the bottom shelf where it stays coolest, but keep that ten pound bag of apples on the top shelf. The messier spills (and more contaminating) are easier to clean up if they don't drip down onto everything else.

3. Utilize the shelves on the inside of the door for condiments. If you make 5 quart jars of saurkraut, keep those all together so you can visually see as they are depleted and you know you need to make more.

4. Do a weekly once over. It will only take 2 minutes. Bring your meal planner with you and jot down what needs to be used sooner. Those 10 pounds of apples? Maybe you kids are going to be having apples slices and peanut butter for snack all next week. You get the idea....

5. Do a MONTHLY purge. If you have chickens, like me, this is treat time for them! Move anything that you need to use asap into your main fridge so you can see if when you open the fridge. This will jog your memory when you see it and you can offer the kids that last jar of homemade mustard for example with their pretzels.

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