Help Your Child Have A Stress-Free Recital

   Recitals can be even more stressful for parents then they are for the child playing. I know. I am one of those nail-biting, stressed-out cases where I have to try and breathe act normal while my child is playing. My daughter on the other hand is as cool as a cucumber. Not me. I think one of the reasons she is so comfortable is because I have a few tricks up my sleeve that keep her on track and excited, rather then nervous, for her recital. Here are some tips to glean from. Let me know what works for you!

1. Talk about the recital well in advance.
      You don't want to hit your child with new of their public performance on the day of. Be respectful of their process and give them time to adjust to the idea.

2. Make sure they know you think it ALL sounds beautiful.
      If your kids feel like you of all people, who love them no matter what, only like to hear them play when it sounds PERFECT, they will internalize that and feel scared to play for others, who might not be as forgiving. Keep it light and non-judgmental during practices.

3. Eat extra protein and fat on the day of the recital.
      You don't want your kids blood sugar to plummet during their piece. Make sure they get plenty of protein and fat to keep them calm and low key.

4. Have something special planned for afterwards!
      If you have something fun planned--a fancy restaurant meal or a family outing--for afterwards it have ease the anxiety by giving them something to get excited about during the show.

5. Let me wear something they feel comfortable and beautiful in.
      My old hockey coach use to say, "if you look good, you'll play good." If you child feels they are wearing something special, they will make their playing something special too!

Do you have any tips for helping 
ease your child's recital anxiety?

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