10 Ways To Be Creative This Summer

   Remember when "bucket lists" were the big summer thing? Yeah, it didn't last very long. I think because it stressed so many mothers out thinking all these things they "had" to knock off their bucket lists before summer/Christmas/autumn/life was over. I didn't find them inspiring, just depressing personally.

   Well, after all that, you may wonder why I'm offering you yet another list today of things TO DO this summer.  Here is why, you don't have to DO anything on the list. Just print it out and keep it on the fridge. Whatever your eye gravitates towards when you are feeling a free moment come along is what you do. That simple. Really.

1. Keep a notebook handy and jot any ideas for crafts or writing prompts that come to mind throughout the day.

2. Watch a movie completely out of your normal comfort zone. Or, watch a favorite movie you have seen a hundred times WITH SUBTITLES. I guarantee you will read words differently then you heard them.

3. Keep a box of crayons  on the table and doodle on random papers and bills. It might not be very professional, but it will sure get your creative mind flowing.

4. Make a dinner that is aesthetically interesting or pretty. Use different colors and shapes.

5. Have a week of only wearing pants and skirts with white t-shirts. Then accessorize to your hearts content.

6. Sit down and write the twenty most influential people in your life. Then catagorize them by when you met them or knew them the best. It is interesting to see when you were are your most impressionable. For me, it was between 14 and 19.

7. Take 30 minutes to PLAY with your hair. Do a new hairdo. YouTube fun hair designs. Try something you have never done before!

8. YouTube current make-up trends and watch some tutorials. See what you can come up with!

9. Go to the library for one hour and slowly walk the aisles. Pull out five books from different categories that look interesting. Check them out and peruse them during tea time or your kids nap time.

10. Plant some kitchen scraps!

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