How To Read More....With Kids

It took me a while after I had Rumer to figure out how to keep up with my love of read while still maintaining the house, changing the needed diapers and not totally ignoring my dazzling daughter.

In truth, it took me a while.

What I finally learned, was that I had to snatch at little pockets and snippets of reading whenever I could get them. It had to be IMPORTANT to me. More important then, say, trolling facebook or internet cloth diaper browsing. Really.

Here are the different places I found to sneak a bit of reading in:

1. while nursing.
2. when I was waiting at a light in the car. Really.
3. in the bathroom.
4. when I was waiting for my computer to boot up.
5. while folding diapers.
6. when Rumer was sleeping.

Now that my girls are 4 and 6, reading is so much easier. I bring a book with me to the park, the pool, even the zoo. Pretty much everywhere.

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